Code of Conduct of Dancop International GmbH

With this guideline we acknowledge our responsibility towards our business partners and our employees.

Compliance with the Law

All applicable laws and regulations are strictly followed by Dancop International GmbH and our employees at all times.

Safety and health

Management and employees ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Strict adherence to our safety regulations and practices is an essential requirement for this.

Environmental Protection

Dancop International GmbH is based on the principles of sustainability and environmental compatibility. Compliance with all relevant environmental protection laws is a natural obligation of the company management and every single employee of Dancop International GmbH.

Acting responsibly

We do not tolerate unfair business practices and reject all forms of corruption and bribery. Company management and employees will not offer, promise, or grant any advantages to business partners their employees or representatives, public officials, politicians, or members of the named groups of people, to be preferred for tenders or the award of contracts. Neither management nor employees will use their position or function in the company to demand or accept personal advantages. As part of our business relations, we strictly adhere to the currently valid regulations and laws. Our company stands up for human rights and respects the dignity of everyone. We firmly reject all forms of child and forced labor without exception. Of course, we also expect our business partners to adhere to these values.


Qualified and motivated employees form the basis for our success. They are the most important resource of all. Our employees are characterized by the best qualifications, personal commitment and identification with the company's goals and principles. We offer our employees individual development opportunities and good prospects. Together we find solutions to adapt the working conditions to the respective life situations of the employees, to create a satisfying relationship between work and private life. With this work-life balance, we achieve long-term cooperation. The loyalty of the employee to the company is important to us. This also includes constructive criticism, which every employee can express in an appropriate and open manner within the company. We work with everyone - regardless of gender, age, disability, religion, culture, skin color, education, social origin, sexual orientation, or nationality. We reject all forms of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment. Leadership skills are an essential prerequisite for corporate success. The basis for this is professional and social competence, clear and unbureaucratic decision-making structures, open and direct communication, constructive criticism, and a willingness to innovate.

Fair competition

Dancop International GmbH follows the rules of fair competition and supports all efforts to enforce a free market and open competition. Management and employees do not engage in illegal and / or criminally relevant practices.


Company management and employees do not hold talks with competitors in which agreements are made about prices, non-competition, submitting sham offers for tenders or the allocation of customers or areas.