Steel modular truck positioning aid

Truck positioning aid reduce downtime at the ramp

Today's truck drivers need to have nerves of steel in order to be able to meet the requirements of logistics 4.0. Not only the increasing traffic on the highways and country roads makes their life difficult, the deadline pressure during loading and unloading additionally exacerbates the pressure. At the loading ramps there is usually high activity and the agreed just-in-time delivery of the customer forgives no delay. By positioning stable and highly visible truck wheel guides in front of the individual ramps, freight forwarders and logistics companies can help drivers to dock quickly and, above all, accident-free.

Truck positioning aid made of sturdy steel

Dancop's modular truck positioning aid system consists of two steel track bars with diameter of 159 mm. Each steel bow consists of two parts, which can be stuck together and flexibly arranged. With the aid of the factory-mounted feet and matching ground anchors, the two brackets will be positioned in front of the loading ramp so that they form a perfect access lane. For easier parking with the trailer, the stirrups in the head area are open by 15°. The rounded surface of the steel track bars prevents damage to the vehicle when touching the positioning aid.

Galvanized steel prevents rust formation

The high-quality steel of the track wheel guides is galvanized to protect against rusting and additionally powder-coated. The powder coating in the color combinations red / white and yellow / black guarantee good visibility even in difficult weather.

Product information about truck wheel guides

About Dancop

Dancop International is an owner-managed, rapidly expanding enterprise for company security. The company is a leading manufacturer of plastic inspection and control mirrors used in industry, commerce, logistics and transportation. Over the past four decades, Dancop has developed further innovative anti-ramming and anti-collision products and sells them worldwide through specialized dealers. Dancop International GmbH is home in Peine near Braunschweig in Germany. Here, the companies runs a modern logistics center, from where customers will be supplied all over the world.