Swingdoor „Juliet“ New


The „Juliet“ swing gate can be installed free-standing or as part of our modular „Delta“ and „Echo“ systems. „Juliet“ is made of polyethylene and can be opened up to 180° using hydraulic hinges. The robust and stable swing gate is a low-maintenance upgrade for your safety barriers. The stickers for visualization are used to quickly find the passage option within modular railings. The 800-1200 mm variants also have a self-closing mechanism, which further increases user comfort.

The mounting material is included in the delivery.


Door element

Art. No.DescriptionWidthHeightWeight
DFJU-DA800-A„Juliet“ swinggate800 mm1200 mm6,3 kg
DFJU-DA1000-A„Juliet“ swinggate1000 mm1200 mm6,7 kg
DFJU-DA1200-A„Juliet“ swinggate1200 mm1200 mm7,1 kg
DFJU-DA1500-A„Juliet“ swinggate with wheels1500 mm1200 mm9,3 kg
DFJU-DA1750-A„Juliet“ swinggate with wheels1750 mm1200 mm9,8 kg
DFJU-DA2000-A„Juliet“ swinggate with wheels2000 mm1200 mm10,8 kg

Posts for installation at „Delta“

Art. No.DescriptionHeightDiameterWeight
DFJU-TM„Juliet“ midpost gate1200 mm110 mm9,0 kg
DFJU-TT„Juliet“ midpost 90°1200 mm110 mm8,9 kg
DFJU-TW90L„Juliet“ L-endpost  90°1200 mm110 mm8,9 kg
DFJU-TW90R„Juliet“ R-endpost  90°1200 mm110 mm8,9 kg
DFJU-TE„Juliet“ endpost gate1200 mm110 mm8,7 kg

Posts for installation at „Echo“

Art. No.DescriptionHeightDiameterWeight
DFJU+TE„Juliet“ endpost gate 1200 mm200 mm / 110 mm12,8 kg
DFJU+TM„Juliet“ midpost gate1200 mm200 mm / 110 mm12,8 kg
DFJU+TT„Juliet“ midpost  90°1200 mm200 mm / 110 mm16,7 kg
DFJU+TW90L„Juliet“ L-endpost 90° 1200 mm200 mm / 110 mm15,7 kg
DFJU+TW90R„Juliet“ R-endpost 90°1200 mm200 mm / 110 mm15,7 kg

Posts for door stopper

Art. No.DescriptionHeightDiameterWeight
DFFS-B110Bollard „Delta“ for floor mounting1200 mm 110 mm 8,7 kg 

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