What is actually meant by REACH conformity?

Dear retail partners,

REACH compliance plays an important role in the field of occupational and operational safety. Compliance with the REACH guidelines is intended to prevent the health hazard of substances of high concern. Compliance with the prescribed guidelines is monitored by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). It examines the material composition of the materials used and authorizes the selected product if the specified criteria’s are met.

Dancop International is aware of the responsibility for its products and always requires its suppliers to provide proof of REACH compliance of supplied substances or components. A good example of REACH compliance is Dancop’s hose and cable bridge. It is made from 100% new rubber and have therefore successfully passed the European Chemical Agency's approval process. So that we, you and your customers are always on the safe side.

However, there are also products on the market that cannot be convinced of their REACH conformity. A test purchase with a competitor product showed a completely different reality. Already when unpacking the hose bridge, our employee was struck by a pungent odor, which did not evaporate even after several days in the air. Also, the interior of the bridge made to think: Here, apparently recycling rubber of the worst quality was processed and provided only with a thin layer of new rubber or a light yellow paint. In our opinion it is more than questionable whether this product complies with the ECHA specifications.  

Best regards

Jan Glasemann
Director of sales