Rambowl - Compact safety made of polyurethane

Dear retail partners,

Ramming protection products are a core competence of Dancop. In this segment we offer with the brands CrashStop, Rambowl and d-flexx, a wide range of products with different product features. Today I would like to direct your view of the products of our brand Rambowl. They have proven themselves on the market for many years.

The bollards, beams and bows are made of solid plastic, which are additionally strengthen with a steel core. As a result, Rambowl ramming protection products are highly impact resistant. In addition, plastic does not rust. This makes Rambowl products ideal for use in the food industry and for outdoor installation.

For further information, the link below leads you directly to our Rambowl product pages.

With best regards  


Jan Glasemann
Head of Sales