EC-Surveillance Mirror


The TÜV-certified EC is the ideal mirror to observe sales rooms and production areas. Due to its distortion free and good image quality it is a good and inexpensive solution to prevent thefts and accidents. Typ EC-US: The EC mirror can be used outside because of the strengthening backside.



The TÜV-certified mirror is made of impact resistant acrylic (70% more impact resitant than glass).


ECM is delivered with a telescopic bracket for easy installation and adjustment for a good field of view.

Article No.SizeMaterialWeightViewing distance
For outdoor and indoor use
EC-US 30ø 30 cmAcrylic1,1 kg1-4 m
EC-US 40ø 40 cmAcrylic1,4 kg1-5 m
EC-US 50ø 50 cmAcrylic2 kg5-7 m
EC-US 60ø 60 cmAcrylic2,6 kg9-15 m
EC-US 70ø 70 cmAcrylic3,4 kg12-17 m
EC-US 80ø 80 cmAcrylic4,2 kg15-22 m
Article No.SizeMaterialWeightViewing distance
For indoor use
EC-RS 30ø 30 cmAcrylic0,8 kg1-4 m
EC-RS 40ø 40 cmAcrylic1 kg1-5 m
EC-RS 50ø 50 cmAcrylic1,2 kg5-7 m
EC-RS 60ø 60 cmAcrylic1,2 kg9-15 m
EC-RS 70ø 70 cmAcrylic1,8 kg12-17 m
EC-RS 80ø 80 cmAcrylic2,2 kg15-22 m
EC-RS 40×6040 x 60 cmAcrylic1,4 kg1-5 m
EC-RS 60×8060 x 80 cmAcrylic2,4 kg9-15 m