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Product video clarified the necessity to use TÜV certified loading supports

Loading operations with parked trailers without tractor are always problematic and extremely dangerous. But the dangers that occur during these processes are often underestimated. With the help of their new product video for the DVS1 docking support, the manufacturer Dancop International GmbH clearly illustrates the possible dangers and their minimization by using a mobile docking support.

The scenario

A trailer parked without a tractor is loaded or unloaded with the help of heavy forklift trucks. However, the trailer's own supports are not designed for the additionally occurring weight of the forklift and break under the load. As a result, the trailer gets out of balance and tilts. In addition to damage to the load, the trailer and the trucks are unfortunately often the most serious personal injury. TÜV-tested safety The Dancop telescopic loading support is TÜV-certified and tested for a maximum load of 40 t. Already in the run-up to the strict TÜV test, the manufacturer subjected his product to a demanding point load test in which an uneven loading of the trailer was simulated. The result: no wobbling, no yielding and no deformed components!

Easy handling and flexible use

The handling of the telescopic loading support is very simple. The maximum permissible weight of 40 tons is intercepted only by an extremely solid pillar. To position the support optimally under the trailer, the telescopic device of the support can be extended up to a total height of 1344 mm. Also extremely simple: the transport. The loading support, which is equipped with two low-maintenance solid rubber tires, can be moved by just one person like a sack truck. An investment that is definitely worthwhile, as one and the same support can be flexibly used on various loading ramps.  

More flexibility in plant maintenance -
With the expanding barriers trolley from Dancop International  

Expanding barriers have become indispensable at the daily routine of inhouse maintenance. They are particularly well suited for fast and reliable shut-off of suddenly occurring sources of danger or for the temporary shut-off of areas for assembly, maintenance or cleaning work. They are much important in customer traffic areas with high frequency, like shopping malls or at train stations and at airports.

Advantages of the expanding barriers trolley

Those who need the utmost flexibility opt for the use of a mobile expanding barrier trolley. The first advantage of this innovative shut-off option is the perfect storage of the barriers. It can be pushed together and be stored in a space-saving manner. The second advantage and much more decisive aspect, is the mobility of the expanding barrier trolley. It consists of two yellow / black frame elements, which be attached to the left and right of a sturdy steel spar. They can each extended to 2 meters in length and given up to 180 °. Thus, the expanding barrier trolley is able to shut off dangerous areas safely. With the help of the wheels mounted at the trolley, it can easily and comfortably transport to the place of work by only one person. A toolbox and a yellow / black warning triangle complete the scope of delivery of the trolley.

Quality that convinces

The high quality flat steel, from which the expanding barriers are made, are extremely flexible and very resistant. The powder coating protected the quality of flying rust. Thus, the expanding barrier trolley is perfectly equipped for indoor use. Of course, you can also choose a different color besides the standard colors. Ergonomically shaped handles and practical pull out eyelets complete the versatility of the expanding barrier trolley.  

Truck positioning aid reduce downtime at the ramp

Today's truck drivers need to have nerves of steel in order to be able to meet the requirements of logistics 4.0. Not only the increasing traffic on the highways and country roads makes their life difficult, the deadline pressure during loading and unloading additionally exacerbates the pressure. At the loading ramps there is usually high activity and the agreed just-in-time delivery of the customer forgives no delay. By positioning stable and highly visible truck wheel guides in front of the individual ramps, freight forwarders and logistics companies can help drivers to dock quickly and, above all, accident-free.

Truck positioning aid made of sturdy steel

Dancop's modular truck positioning aid system consists of two steel track bars with diameter of 159 mm. Each steel bow consists of two parts, which can be stuck together and flexibly arranged. With the aid of the factory-mounted feet and matching ground anchors, the two brackets will be positioned in front of the loading ramp so that they form a perfect access lane. For easier parking with the trailer, the stirrups in the head area are open by 15 °. The rounded surface of the steel track bars prevents damage to the vehicle when touching the positioning aid.

More about truck wheel guides from Dancop

Galvanized steel prevents rust formation

The high-quality steel of the track wheel guides is galvanized to protect against rusting and additionally powder-coated. The powder coating in the color combinations red / white and yellow / black guarantee good visibility even in difficult weather.

About Dancop

Dancop International is an owner-managed, rapidly expanding enterprise for company security. The company is a leading manufacturer of plastic inspection and control mirrors used in industry, commerce, logistics and transportation. Over the past four decades, Dancop has developed further innovative anti-ramming and anti-collision products and sells them worldwide through specialized dealers. Dancop International GmbH is home in Peine near Braunschweig in Germany. Here, the companies runs a modern logistics center, from where customers will be supplied all over the world.  

Shoplifting, its consequences and what you can do against this 

According to the latest study by the EHI Retail Institute, the German retail sector currently has to assume average inventory differences of 0.61 percent. The majority of these differences are due to shoplifting. At retail prices, the retail business loses around 1 percent of its sales.

Check out mirrors - Simple but effective

Shoplifting is not a new problem for stationary retailers and many merchants are upgrading in terms of security. A relatively simple but effective means to make life difficult for thieves is the attachment of surveillance mirrors made of acrylic glass. Check out or surveillance mirrors are cheap to buy and deter thieves effectively. Because the mirrors are visible from afar and allow the sales staff insight into the last corner of the shop. Mostly thieves do not take the risk of being discovered in such supervised stores and seek out a less fortunate business for their raids.

Check out mirrors in different variants

Check out mirrors and surveillance mirrors are available in different variants. Dome mirrors made of durable and impact-resistant acrylic glass and you can buy them in 360 °, 180 ° and 90 ° versions. Depending on the model, the mirrors are mounted directly under the ceiling, on the wall or in a wall corner. As a result, the staff is able to survey almost the entire store at a glance and gain an overview of the customers present. Check out mirrors for cash counters Check out mirrors for cash counters are developed for the cash register area. Properly positioned, they enable the unobtrusive view of customers' shopping carts without them having to feel monitored.

Shop mirrors are available from specialist dealers for shop furniture and shop safety. Here you can always rely on the expert advice of trained personnel.


Discover your ramming protection options 

Effective impact protection is an essential and important requirement in today's logistics. Hustle and time pressure determine the daily work of many employees who are traveling with heavy trucks.

Unfortunately, lighter starting accidents, but also accidents involving personal injury often do not stay that way.

The Dancop showroom

The production of effective and innovative crash protection products is a core competence of Dancop. In this segment, with the brands CrashStop, Rambowl and d-flexx, we offer a wide range of products with different product features.

Click here and you get at our showroom. 

Here you can inform yourself easily and clearly about the product range in the field of impact protection. And you have the perfect overview of all products and their application possibilities. 

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