Our History

Dancop A/S is a family owned company that was founded in Denmark by Jørgen and Kirsten Grynnerup over 40 years ago. Jørgen had a vision about being able to produce high quality traffic-, industrial- and safety mirrors out of synthetic material, by using a unique production technique.

In 1975 Jørgen and Kirsten put the idea into practice and started to produce mirrors that would help reduce danger spots and increase safety on roads, at production sites and in shop areas. Over the years the unique production method has been further developed and the production has changed from completely manual to nowadays highly automized. Also a wide range of new products has been launched, that fits the needs of the customers.

Today, the company is managed by Peter Grynnerup who has made Dancop A/S the leading company in Europe, when it comes to improving personal and material protection through the use of mirrors - whether it is on the road, at a shopping mall, inside a production facility or at security checkpoints.

In addition to this, Dancop has established partnerships with a selection of high skilled manufacturers, that enables Dancop to offer a wide range of high quality products outside the mirror line. Products, that help improve the protection of people and material in traffic, in industry and retail.  

The worldwide distribution and the entire logistics are now managed centrally by Dancop International GmbH, based in the north of Germany, Peine. Multilingualism, a good central location in Europe, optimal transport connections combined with large storage areas, ensure a high level of service for our business partners.