Hose and cable protectors

Crash Stop series of hose and cable protectors are the ultimate guard for hoses and cables. The vulcanized new rubber is completely dyed to have the same color even after long time use. The individual parts can be connected to one another if necessary. The load-bearing capacity makes it possible to use trucks up to 40 tons, and due to the high-quality raw material you do not have any problems due to the material stiffness and no cracks or broken connecting pins even in the cold season. Depending on the vehicle, wide or narrow variants can be offered. In order to obtain the characteristics of a speed ramp, the yellow and black parts can be connected to one another. 

Cable Bridge

For hoses and cables up to 75 mm diameter

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Hose and Cable Protector

Hoses and cables protection up to 40 mm diameter

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Cable Bridge with Cover New

The modular Crash Stop cable bridges with cover are a more meaningful protection for cables and small hoses.

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