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We are sure that d-flexx is the right solution for your problem.


It is a key-topic in every industry. Provided the correct way, it ensures a protected work environment for people and machines. This innovative impact protection technology made of special material has many distinct advantages over steel crash protection products.


The polyethylene material reliably absorbs the impact energy of forklifts and industrial trucks and releases it once the vehicle leaves the impact site.

Cost efficient

After a collision, environment and vehicles are undamaged, strongly reducing maintenance cost durable.


Unlike steel, polyethylene does not rust and is therefore much more durable.

Safety products for sensitive areas, people and vehicles

The d-flexx product range is our latest new member of our product family and stands for a wide modular range of safety solutions made out of special flexible material. Through detailed research we worked out the smartest way to provide a range of products with high damage resistance combinded with low cost maintenance. The result is a flexible impact protection system made in our own production, usable in- and outdoor with a minimum of installation expenses.

In contrast to solutions of steel or wood, the d-flexx items absorb the impact energy and return into their shape without damaging ground or inventory after collisions. Thus, maintenance costs are reduced significantly.

Through our wide range of different items available from stock, the modular design and multiple custom fitting solutions we are able to find a safety barrier solution for almost every situation in our customers environment. Speaking of environment, our materials are 100% recyclable as well. To underline our quality and our promises, almost all of our products of this range were tested and approved by the german TÜV association to ensure to our customers the quality meets their expectations and requirements.