Surface protection

Surface protection


The warning and protection profile can absorbe the shock of people, machines and equipments in dangerous borders and edges. The profiles can be installed in warehouse transport lanes, machines, vehicles or on walls.


The warning and protection profiles are made of polyurethane foam. The patented manufacturing technique of these profiles makes them very flexible. The warning markings are protected against colour abrasion.

The profiles are temperature resistant in the range of -40°C to +100°C. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. They are fire tested in accordance with DIN 4102 B2.


The warning and protection profiles can be attached very quick and easily due to strong permanent self-adhesive strips. If neccessary they can be cut to size by a cutter. The protective foil has to be removed and the profiles have to be pressed on the cleaned surface.


The standard colour is yellow/black, special colours are red/white, black, white (all types), fluorescent yellow/black (only type A, B, C), photoluminescent yellow/black (only type A, B, C). 

Models and dimensions

The warning and protection profiles are available as pieces of 1 m, rolls of 5 m in poly bags or cut to order in lengths up to 50 linear meters (lnm). The profiles (except type B and BB) are equipped with light and age-resistant modified acrylate adhesive (adhesive force: 21N/25mm).

Models and dimensions