Cough Screen New


Flexible use with different variants 

The cough screen provides the optimal protection for employees that are in direct contact with the customer. It is available in 3 different sizes and can be installed without drilling for a quick and flexible use. 

Less risk 

This mobile hygiene barrier reduces the risk of a droplet transmission (e.g. corona virus) acting as a sneeze guard while still enabling a flawless exchange of money or documents. 

Comfort thanks to a safe stand and large opening to pass through 

The convex shaped construction in combination with the feet included in the delivery, enables a safe stand for example on sales counters, in pharmacys or medical practices. Made of acrylic material, also called plexiglass, makes the item lightweighted and shatterproof. 

Take responsability and protect your employees against an infection. 


Art. No.DescriptionHeightLengthWidthWeight
80 x 48 cm
805 mm475 mm275 mm1,5 kg 
60 x 80 cm
605 mm805 mm275 mm2,1 kg 
80 x 100 cm
805 mm1005 mm275 mm3,3 kg