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The mirrors of the brand EUvex offer a high-quality mirror image for a low entry price.

If for traffic, industry or trade: the EUvex safety mirrors are suitable to be used for a better view of confusing areas. In comparison to the Dancop mirrors, the EUvex mirrors offer less selection and adjustment options and a smaller product range. The EUvex mirrors are not TÜV-certified or windload certified.

The advantages of the EUvex mirrors:

  • UV resistant
  • Fixing bracket for round posts 50 - 85 mm or flex-arm (for model EF) included in the delivery
  • High quality mirror image
  • Easy installation
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Cashier and Observation Mirrors

EUvex Surveillance Mirrors

The EUvex observation mirror can be used to monitor areas of production or sales rooms.

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EUvex Universal Mirror

The EUvex Universal Mirror is equipped with a white frame and can be used in various places and for a high range of purposes.

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Traffic Mirrors

EUvex Traffic Mirror

EUvex Traffic Mirror

The EUvex Traffic Mirror increases safety on roads and premises.

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EUvex Miroir d‘agglomération ECO noir & blanc

Special version of the ED for france only!

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Industrial Mirrors

EUvex Industrial Mirror

Equipped with a black/yellow frame that enables indoors a high visibility on industrial sites.

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