Swingdoor „Juliet“


The swing door Juliet is an extension of the safety barriers „Delta“. It can also integrated in the traffic barrier PLUS „Echo“. 

Our swing door „Juliet“ is also available with a wheel. d-flexx swing door element „Juliet“ is made of special flexible material. The swing door opens up to 180°, and returns automatically to its original state (closed) with hydraulic hinges. 

It can be obtained in six different passage widths (800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm, 1750 mm, 2000 mm with rollers). In addition, individual dimensions are offered. 

The fixing material is always included in the delivery.


Door element

Art. No.DescriptionWidthHeight
DFJU-DA800„Juliet“ swinggate800 mm1200 mm
DFJU-DA1000„Juliet“ swinggate1000 mm1200 mm
DFJU-DA1200„Juliet“ swinggate1200 mm1200 mm
DFJU-DA1500„Juliet“ swinggate with wheels1500 mm1200 mm
DFJU-DA1750„Juliet“ swinggate with wheels1750 mm1200 mm
DFJU-DA2000„Juliet“ swinggate with wheels2000 mm1200 mm
DFJU-DATK1„Juliet“ swinggate individual 801 - 1200 mm801 - 1200 mm1200 mm
DFJU-DATK2„Juliet“ swinggate individual 1201 - 2000 mm1201- 2000 mm1200 mm

Posts for installation at „Delta“

Art. No.DescriptionHeightDiameterWeight
DFJU-TM„Juliet“ midpost gate1200 mm110 mm9,0 kg
DFJU-TT„Juliet“ midpost 90°1200 mm110 mm8,9 kg
DFJU-TW90L„Juliet“ L-endpost  90°1200 mm110 mm8,9 kg
DFJU-TW90R„Juliet“ R-endpost  90°1200 mm110 mm8,9 kg
DFJU-TE„Juliet“ endpost gate1200 mm110 mm8,7 kg

Posts for installation at „Echo“

Art. No.DescriptionHeightDiameterWeight
DFJU+TE„Juliet“ endpost gate 1200 mm200 mm / 110 mm12,8 kg
DFJU+TM„Juliet“ midpost gate1200 mm200 mm / 110 mm12,8 kg
DFJU+TT„Juliet“ midpost  90°1200 mm200 mm / 110 mm16,7 kg
DFJU+TW90L„Juliet“ L-endpost 90° 1200 mm200 mm / 110 mm15,7 kg
DFJU+TW90R„Juliet“ R-endpost 90°1200 mm200 mm / 110 mm15,7 kg

Posts for door stopper

Art. No.DescriptionHeightDiameterWeight
DFFS-B110Bollard „Delta“ for floor mounting1200 mm 110 mm 8,7 kg