Slide Gate „Oscar“ New

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The „Oscar“ slide gate is the ideal solution for areas in which a swing gate cannot be used. „Oscar“ is made of polyethylene and can be combined with our modular systems „Echo“ and „Delta“ (3 and 4 beams with a height of 1200 mm). „Oscar“ can also be installed free-standing. The handles make “Oscar” very easy to operate and ensure safe access to the storage areas.

The mounting material is included in the delivery.



Art. No.DescriptionPassage WidthHeightWeight
DFOS+DFVB+1000„Oscar“ slide gate1000 mm1200 mm57,4 kg
DFOS+DFVB+1200„Oscar“ slide gate1200 mm1200 mm59,2 kg
DFOS+DFVB+1500„Oscar“ slide gate1500 mm1200 mm61,9 kg

„Delta“, 3 beams

Art. No.DescriptionPassage WidthHeightWeight
DFOS-DFFS-1000„Oscar“ slide gate1000 mm1200 mm22,3 kg
DFOS-DFFS-1200„Oscar“ slide gate1200 mm1200 mm24,3 kg
DFOS-DFFS-1500„Oscar“ slide gate1500 mm1200 mm24,9 kg

„Delta“, 4 beams

Art. No.DescriptionPassage WidthHeightWeight
DFOS-4DFFS-1000„Oscar“ slide gate1000 mm1200 mm44,4 kg
DFOS-4DFFS-1200„Oscar“ slide gate1200 mm1200 mm45,6 kg
DFOS-4DFFS-1500„Oscar“ slide gate1500 mm1200 mm47,5 kg

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