Machine Protection „Kilo“


The machine protective fencing „Kilo“ is a fixed unit of „Echo“.

The flexible machine guard provides optimum protection for machines and equipment and is additionally provided with a handrail end on the sides. Due to the heavy tube in the lower area and the overlying machine protective fencing „Foxtrot“, „Kilo“ is the perfect protection for expensive equipment.

This product is delivered already pre-assembled and can be installed without further assembly activities. The fixing material is always included in the delivery.


Art. No.DescriptionMeasures
DFKI+FU1Machine Protection „Kilo“ 1000 mmHeight 1216 mm, width 1000 mm
DFKI+FU2 Machine Protection „Kilo“ 1500 mm Height 1216 mm, width 1500 mm 
DFKI+FU3 Machine Protection „Kilo“ 2000 mm Height 1216 mm, width 2000 mm 
Fastening material is included in the scope of delivery of the d-flexx machine protection fence „Foxtrot“.The fischer ULTRACUT FBS II is the perfect powerful contrete screw for top installation comfort.