Your Safety – our functional guarantee of 2 years

The wide angle traffic mirror Trixi has been especially developed to increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. It helps to gain an insight view into the blind spot on road crossings and areas where cyclists and pedestrians are in danger of traffic accidents. When turning, drivers are able to see pedestrians or cyclists in the dangerous blind spot where otherwise they would have been overlooked. 


Trixi is made of impact resistant acrylic (70 % more impact resistant than glass). The size of 50 cm can be delivered as well with an implemented heating element that protects the mirror against fogging and freezing.


The mirror can be mounted on traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.It is delivered complete with attachment fitting for post mounting (Ø50-85 mm). Fittings for wall mounting can be purchased seperately.

Models and dimensions

Art. No. Mirror sizes Material Weight Viewing distance
TRIXI 35 ø 35 cm Acrylic 3,0 kg 1-4 m
TRIXI 50 ø 50 cm Acrylic 4,0 kg 5-7 m
TRIXI 50-H ø 50 cm with heating unit Acrylic 5,1 kg 5-7 m
Blind spot