90° Dome Mirror

Your Safety – our functional guarantee of 2 years

Because of its brilliant view and save spacing fixing in corners, the BM 90° is especially useful to prevent theft in small shops.


The TÜV-certified mirror is made of impact resistant acryl (70% more impact resistant than glass). It has a light weight and a long life duration.


The mirror can either be fixed directly on a wall or corner (there are predrilled holes in the border of the mirror). 

Models and dimensions

Art. No.Mirror sizesMaterialWeightViewing distance
BM 50-190° – 50 cmAcrylic0,2 kg1-8 m
BM 60-190° – 60 cmAcrylic0,3 kg10-15 m
BM 80-190° – 80 cmAcrylic0,5 kg15-20 m
BM 90-190° – 90 cmAcrylic0,7 kg20-25 m
BM 100-190° – 100 cmAcrylic1,0 kg25-30 m
BM 125-190° – 125 cmAcrylic1,3 kg30-40 m