Traffic Mirror TM-I

Your Safety – our functional guarantee of 5 years

The TM-I traffic mirror increases traffic safety on roads, industrial premises, underground parking lots, shopping centres and private roads.


The mirror is available in two different materials: acrylic (70 % more impact resistant than glass) or nearly indestructible polycarbonate. Both versions are TÜV-certified. The version made of polycarbonate is particularly suitable for vandalism-endangered areas. Due to its weather-resistant materials the mirror is especially suitable for a long-term outdoor use. The mirror is fixed with silicone in a solid UV-resistant red frame with extra strengthening on the back side. The silicone avoids the penetration of water and thus protects the mirror for a long time.


A four-point ball joint mounting bracket is included in the scope of delivery. This special bracket enables an optimal fixation of the mirror. The mirror can be positioned at different angles for any purpose. The solid bracket resists strong winds (it is wind load-tested up to force 12 wind – hurricane > 117 km/h) and can either be installed directly on a wall or a post mounting (Ø50-85 mm).

Models and dimensions

Art. No.Mirror sizesMaterialWeightViewing distance
TM-I AC 50ø 50 cmAcrylic5,2 kg5-7 m
TM-I AC 60ø 60 cmAcrylic7,0 kg9-15 m
TM-I AC 80ø 80 cmAcrylic10,0 kg15-22 m
TM-I AC 40 x 6040 x 60 cmAcrylic5,4 kg9-15 m
TM-I AC 60 x 8060 x 80 cmAcrylic9,0 kg15 -22 m
TM-I PC 50ø 50 cmPolycarbonate5,2 kg5-7 m
TM-I PC 60ø 60 cmPolycarbonate7,0 kg9-15 m
TM-I PC 80ø 80 cmPolycarbonate10,0 kg15-22 m
TM-I PC 40 X 6040 x 60 cmPolycarbonate5,4 kg9-15 m
TM-I PC 60 X 8060 x 80 cmPolycarbonate9,0 kg15-22 m

Assembly instructions & Videos

Video – assembly of the bracket (rectangular mirror):

Video – assembly of the bracket (round mirror):