Miroir industrie réf. SM

Your Safety – our functional guarantee of 2 years

The surveillance mirror SM is slightly convex and offers a good insight over large areas. Therefore it is especially useful for surveillance of salesrooms in retail and stores.


The TÜV-certified mirror is made of acrylic (70% more impact resistant than glass). The particular aspect about the SM is its plastic closed backside that protects the metallization of the mirror. The mirror is sealed completely with an additonal plastic border and can therefore be used in the food processing industry as well. The mirror is very robust and durable and it offers a particularly brilliant view.


The mirror can either be fixed directly on a wall or ceiling (there are predrilled holes in the border of the mirror). 

Models and dimensions

Article No. Size Material Weight Viewing distance
SM 35 ø 35 cm Acrylic 1,2 kg 1-4 m
SM 50 ø 50 cm Acrylic 2 kg 5-7 m
SM 60 ø 60 cm Acrylic 2,8 kg 9-15 m
SM 80 ø 80 cm Acrylic 4,5 kg 15-22 m
SM 40 x 60 40 x 60 cm Acrylic 2,6 kg 9-15 m
SM 60 x 80 60 x 80 cm Acrylic 4,4 kg 15-22 m