Check Mirror

Check mirror

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The Dancop Industries Mirror "Check Mirror" represents an innovation on the industrial mirror market. This mirror was developed to allow monitoring of production lines. Due to the curvature, the mirror enlarges the product, which is subjected to a check on the production line.


The Check Mirror is made of acrylic (70% more impact resistant than glass).

The back panel provides stability and is connected to the mirror plate by a black lace.


An adjustable telescopic arm (30 - 50 cm) is included.

Models and dimensions

Article No. Size Material Weight Viewing distance
CM 30 X 50 30 X 50 cm Acrylic 1 kg 1 m
CM 40 X 60 40 X 60 cm Acrylic 1,4 kg 1 m
CM 60 X 90 60 X 90 cm Acrylic 2,6 kg 1 m