Rack Guard



The TÜV-tested d-flexx shelter protection "Alfa" is an innovative protection for shelves due to the unnecessary ground mounting.

The simple assembly without additional tools allows a quick application and easy handling in the annual rack tests. The Rack Guard is clicked directly onto the shelf to be protected. Due to the lack of ground fastening, one of the major weak points is switched off.

The d-flexx shelter protection "Alfa" is available in two different sizes and 3 lengths.  



Models and dimensions

Art. No.HeighetRack widthWeight
DFRG-1600 mm 75 mm - 100 mm
DFRG-2 600 mm100 mm - 125 mm
DFRG-3 400 mm75 mm - 100 mm 
DFRG-4400 mm100 mm - 125 mm 
DFRG-51000 mm75 mm - 100 mm 
DFRG-61000 mm100 mm - 125 mm 
    DFRG-1,3,5   DFRG-2,4,6

TÜV tested