Kerb barrier "Mike"

d-flexx Kerb barrier Mike


The flexible d-flexx kerb barrier "Mike" is the ideal product to protect walls and assembly lines from collision in low ground areas.

The round shape allows the colliding forklift to bounce of the barrier, therefore absorbing the force. It functions as a guide throughout the installed area. A key advantage is that it is possible to be combined with almost all of our other d-flexx products.

Compatible with the following products: Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, Kilo and Lima

The height of the kerb barrier is 140 mm.

Measures and dimensions


Art. No. Description Length
DFKB-1 Kerb barrier Ø140 mmLength 1300 mm
DFKB-2 Kerb barrier Ø140 mm Length 2000 mm
DFKB-3 Kerb barrier Ø140 mm Length 1500 mm
DFKB-4 Kerb barrier Ø140 mm Length 1000 mm
DFKB-5 Kerb barrier Ø140 mm Length 500 mm
DFKB-I Kerb barrier Ø140 mm Length: Individual 400 - 1499 mm
DFKB-I2Kerb barrier Ø140 mm Length: Individual 1500 - 2000 mm