Flexible bollards


Our flexible and TÜV-tested d-flexx bollards "Bravo" absorb the impact energy. In contrast to bollards made of steel, there is hardly any energy attached to the ground attachment: the breaking out is minimized a lot. The processed special plastic does not damage the bollard and the vehicle and the maintenance costs are noticeably minimized. 

Due to its robustness and high visibility, the bollard is ideal to be installed on parkings, entrances and for separation of pedestrian areas.

The d-flexx-Bollards "Bravo" are available in diameters of 200 mm or 225 mm and height of 500, 750 and 1200 mm.

The fixing material is always included in the delivery.

Models and dimensions

Art. No.DescriptionHeighetDiameterWeight
DFBO50-40Bollard "Bravo" for floor mounting 500 mm ø 200 mm 10,8 kg 
DFBO50-20 Bollard "Bravo" for floor mounting  750 mm ø 200 mm 12,5 kg  
DFBO50-10  Bollard "Bravo" for floor mounting1200 mm  ø 200 mm 15,5 kg  
DFBO50-30 Bollard "Bravo" for floor mounting with and moveable cuff1200 mm ø 200 mm 15,9 kg