Column protection Delta-C


The column protection Delta-C consists of four corner posts of the Delta module, which are connected with the associated spar sets to a square.

The height of the column protection amounts to 1200 mm, the spar sets can be ordered in lengths of 705 mm and 1510 mm. Of course, the column protection Delta-C also offers the possibility of ordering individual lengths between 350 mm and 1510 mm. 

Measures and dimensions

Art. No. Description Height/Length
DFFS-C1Corner postHeight 1200 mm
DFFS-C2-5004 corner posts, 12 beamsLength 705 mm
DFFS-C4-13054 corner posts, 12 beams Length 1510 mm
DFFS-CI4 corner posts, 12 beams Length: individual

Technical drawings