Trailer Stand


The safety stand is a robust trailer support that helps secure your loads.

Prevent Trailer Up-Ending: When fork-trucks load at the front of the trailers it can become nose heavy and tip. This hazardous situation can be prevented by using Trailer Stands. The Trailer stand is an additional protection for loading processes, as recommended by the German “Berufsgenossenschaften” in BGI 582 + 603.  I

The telescope device is adjustable between a high of 1025 mm to 1344 mm.

Product video Trailer Stand


  • heavy gauge steel construction large base pad (470 x 425 mm) 
  • large trailer contact pad (760 x 120 mm)
  • adjustable in height 1025 – 1344 mm gas activated, self-leveling system 
  • ergonomically designed handles for easy positioning
  • easy to use and secure to handle
  • inflated tires (Ø 380 mm) 
  • weight: 70 Kg 
  • width: 760 mm, length: 550 mm, height: 1020 mm 

Models and dimensions

Art. No Description Measures Weight Request information 
DVS1 Trailer stand 760 mm X 550 mm X 1.020 mm 70,0 kg Request product  
Ersatzrad DVS1 Spare wheel  Diametre 400 mm 10,0 kg Request product