Cable bridge with cover


The modular CrashStop cable bridges with cover are a more meaningful protection for cables and small hoses in walking and driving paths or at events. The yellow-black coloring allows  a quick recognizability and secures the traffic.

The individual elements can be combined. The different versions provide safe protection through the internal cable guides.

The cover is made of a highly resistant Plastic and allows the use for trucks up 40t. 

Models and dimensions

Art. No.Description Length x WidthHeightWeight
200D2Kwith 2 cable channels980 mm x 240 mm45 mm6,5 kg
200D3Kwith 3 cable channels 900 mm x 500 mm70 mm16,5 kg
200D5Kwith 5 cable channels and with handle900 mm x 500 mm50 mm17,0 kg