Crash Stop modular safety railing

The modular safety railings of our brand “Crash Stop” offer a complete solution for separation of passage ways in industrial areas. Due to the modular components of the safety railing, it can be installed as per your needs. As a light system for pedestrian areas, the safety railing with a diameter of 48mm is recommended, for areas with heavy traffic, the massive safety railing with a beam cross section of 140 x 80 mm is optimal. The massive version of safety railing is tested and certified by the TÜV. As the market leader in the field of safety railings we have extended this range with our dealers and have additional add-on and extension modules. Additionally, we can offer you: swing and slide gates, protecting mesh, underride guards, information panels, mounting and heavy posts for strong frequented areas, wall brackets and magnetic retractable barrier. All listed standard parts will be supplied in yellow powder coated and can be offered as special measurements or different colors, galvanised or different varieties. Please contact our sales team.