Crash protection guard for pipes and cables


The protective elements enable a solid protection for pipes up to Ø 200 mm indoors and outdoors. The different measures together with the yellow/black warning colours make the product a perfect solution to protect pipes from damages and help to make repair works dispensable. 


Our crash protection guards are made of high grade steel. They are powdercoated for indoor use and for outdoor use additionally galvanised, in order to protect them against corrosion.

Models and dimensions


Art. No.  HeightInner SizeDepthMountingplateWeight
RS-500-500 mm290 mm230 mm50 x 230 mm8,7 kg
RS-1000- 1000 mm290 mm230 mm50 x 230 mm17,5 kg

Powder-coated and galvanised

Art. No.  Height Inner size Depth Mountingplate Weight 
RS-500500 mm 290 mm 230 mm 50 x 230 mm 8,7 kg 
RS-10001000 mm290 mm 230 mm 50 x 230 mm 17,5 kg