Chain post and equipment


The barrier posts and sets of chain posts are the most effective solution to mark walk- and driveways and to call attention on hazard areas – indoors and outdoors. The different versions, Ø 60 mm and 70 x 70 mm, enable a wide range of application and can be connected by plastic chains. There are available black/yellow and red/white barrier posts which can be mounted with dowels (base plate) or encased in concrete. Fixing material is available separately.  

Models and dimensions

Article No.HeightDiameter/Dimensions Weight
Posts to set in concrete
20-10Height 1400 mm, red/white60 mm5,5 KG
20-10 + eyeletsHeight 1400 mm, red/white60 mm 5,7 KG
20-20Height 1400 mm, yellow/black60 mm5,7 KG
20-20 + eyeletsHeight 1400 mm, yellow/black60 mm5,7 KG
20-30Height 1400 mm, red/white70 x 70 mm6,2 KG
20-30 + eyeletsHeight 1400 mm, red/white70 x 70 mm6,0 KG
20-40Height 1400 mm, yellow/black70 x 70 mm 6,0 KG
20-40 + eyeletsHeight 1400 mm, yellow/black70 x 70 mm6,0 KG
Posts for floor mounting
20-50Height 1000 mm, red/white60 mm5,2 KG
20-50 + eyeletsHeight 1000 mm, red/white60 mm5,1 KG
20-60Height 1000 mm, yellow/black60 mm5,2 KG
20-60 + eyeletsHeight 1000 mm, yellow/black60 mm5,0 KG
20-70Height 1000 mm, red/white60 mm5,5 KG
20-70 + eyeletsHeight 1000 mm, red/white60 mm5,5 KG
20-80Height 1000 mm, yellow/black60 mm5,5 KG
20-80 + eyeletsHeight 1000 mm, yellow/black60 mm5,5 KG
Steel posts and ground sleeve
10-10 Height 1000 mm 60 mm8,5 KG
10-20Height 1000 mm60 mm8,5 KG
Barrier posts
10-10-1Height 1000 mm, yellow/black60 mm 3,5 KG
10-20-2Height 1000 mm, red/white with reflecting foil60 mm 3,5 KG


Art.No. Description DimensionsWeigt
MPF Footplate octangonal Intake 60 mm7,0 kg
10-00Impakt ground sleeve  Intake 60 mm   5,3 kg
20-00-1Ground sleeveIntake 62 mm2,7 kg
20-00-0Ground sleeveIntake 74 x 743,0 kg
Kettenset KS GSChaine yellow/blackLength 25000 mm1,6 kg
Kettenset KS RWChaine red/whiteLength 25000 mm1,6 kg
30-00Mobile plates for posts with a ground plate of 120 x 195 mm2,1 kg