Barrier posts without eyelets


Our steel barrier posts without eyelets are available in two different length: 1000 mm and 1400 mm. Also you can choose between an round and a square versionin in yellow/black or in  red/white with red reflecting foi. The posts are galvanized and powder coated.

Models and dimensions

Art. No.ShapeHeight/DiameterWeight
Posts to set in concrete
20-10 red/whiteround1400 mm / 60 mm5,7 kg
20-20 yellow/blackround1400 mm / 60 mm5,7 kg
20-30 red/whitesquare1400 mm / 70 x 70 mm6,0 kg
20-40 yellow/whitesquare1400 mm / 70 x 70 mm6,0 kg
Posts for floor mountingBase plate 120 x 195 mm
20-50 red/whiteround1000 mm / 60 mm5,2 kg
20-60 yellow/blackround1000 mm / 60 mm5,2 kg
20-70 res/whitesquare1000 mm / 70 x 70 mm5,5 kg
20-80 yellow/blacksquare1000 mm / 70 x 70 mm5,5 kg


Art. No.DescriptionMeasuresWeight
MPFFoot plate octangonal for round posts 37 mm7,0 kg
10-00Impact ground sleeve for round posts5,3 kg
20-00-1Ground sleeve, intake 62 mm2,7 kg
20-00-2Ground sleeve, intake 74 x 74 mm3,0 kg
Kettenset KS GSChain yellow/black25000 mm1,6 kg
Kettenset KS RWChain red/white25000 mm1,6 kg
30-00Mobile Plate for posts with a ground plate of 120 mm x 195 mm