d-flexx Bravo, bravo, bravissimo

Dear dealers,

Ramming protection made of flexible special plastic is increasingly in demand in European logistics companies. Because the advantages of these products are obvious. They are extremely resistant and absorb the impact energy of vehicles, without the vehicle nor the crash protection causing significant damage. Also, the hall floor, on which the bollard was mounted, is spared.

Our BRAVO bollards from the d-flexx line were particularly well received by the market. They are suitable for the protection of machines, shelves or driveways. Its signal color yellow helps drivers of heavy industrial trucks to become aware of their existence at an early stage. This way, many accidents can be avoided in advance.

BRAVO is offered in three different heights. One version even has a rotating cuff on the foot. Through them, the bollard has sufficient clearance to dissipate the side also in a side impact energy and thus reduce. And especially worth mentioning - the d-flexx BRAVO variants have been tested and approved by the TÜV. For more information about BRAVO, please visit our website for the product.


Yours sincerely

Jan Glasemann
Director of Sales