Rambowl hoop protection guards


The Rambwol © Hoop protection guards are the perfect solution for the protection of buildings, machines and inventory. Fixing material is separately available. With red reflective warn marking and black marking for better visibility. For outdoor and indoor use. The different sizes and shapes offer the right product for each type of use. made of polyurethane with adhesive warning reflector, diameter 80 mm, with base plate 140x140x20 mm

Models and dimensions

Article No.HeightLengthSize base plateWeight
P30-10350 mm375 mm375 x 350 mm7,4 kg
P30-20350 mm750 mm750 x 350 mm9,9 kg
P30-30350 mm1000 mm1000 x 350 mm11,6 kg
P30-40600 mm750 mm750 x 600 mm14,1 kg
P30-50600 mm1000 mm1000 x 600 mm15,5 kg
P30-601200  mm750 mm750 x 1200 mm22,5 kg
P30-701200 mm1000 mm1000 x 1200 mm24,3 kg