Cashier and Observation Mirrors

The TÜV certified Dancop mirrors are an important part to secure sales areas. They serve a deterrent against shoplifting and also provide an unobtrusive view of the shopping cart in cashier areas. The range extends about 9 different variations which are available in different sizes. Besides of the dome mirrors, the assortment includes also observation mirrors, the small cashier mirrors and the check out mirrors, hanging from the ceiling which allows to see the shopping cart without being noticeable to the customer. Dancop is the only manufacturer on the market who can offer TÜV tested and certified products. You can rely on our quality which is tested and certified annually from the TÜV.

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360° Dome Mirror

The BM 360° dome mirror offers a brililiant 360° view.

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180° Dome Mirror

The BM 180° half globel mirror offers a brilliant view and is therefore especially useful for surveillance of shops.

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90° Dome Mirror

Because of its brilliant view and save spacing fixing in corners, the BM 90° is especially useful to prevent theft in small shops.

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Check Out Mirrors

The Check Out mirror is very suitable for small shop check outs and other small areas.

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Check Mirror

Ideal for monitoring production lines.

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EC-Surveillance Mirror

The TÜV-certified EC is the ideal mirror to observe sales rooms and production areas.

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SM-Surveillance Mirror

The surveillance mirror SM is slightly convex and offers a good insight over large areas.

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EUvex Surveillance Mirrors

The EUvex observation mirror can be used to monitor areas of production or sales rooms.

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EUvex Universal Mirror

The EUvex Universal Mirror is equipped with a white frame and can be used in various places and for a high range of purposes.

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