Traffic barrier „Lima“

The flexible Traffic Barrier „Lima“ provides an optimal protection for machines, inventory and employees. „Lima“ is a combination of the d-flexx modules „Delta“ and „Hotel“.

Due to the heavy double pipes in the lower part and the the safety barrrier above these pipes „Lima“ is the perfect protection for both, pedestrians and machinery. 

Models and dimensions

Art. No. Description Measures
DFDH-M-E Traffic Barrier „Lima“ end post, double rail Height 1200 mm,
Width 600 mm
DFDH-M-M Traffic Barrier „Lima“ middle post, double rail  Height 1200 mm,
Width 1000 mm
DFDH-M-H1 Beamset: length 1510 mm,
Ø 63 / Ø 160 mm
DFDH-M-HI Beamset: 980 - 1510 mm individual length,
Ø 63 / Ø 160 mm
Traffic Barrier Plus „Lima“