Safety Barriers and Swing Doors

Barriers for the Safety of Workers and Equipment

The safety barriers come into action when it’s about separating driveways from footpaths or only light barrier solutions are required. They provide clearly visible warning through the standard black and yellow design. Workers and drivers will be inhibited effectively from crossing each others ways by accident and the numbers of accidents in this context can thus be reduced to 0.

Modular and Customizable Solutions

Due to the modular system a customized solution can always be supplied by means of individual cuttings. The Delta Safety Barriers come with three of four barriers, depending of the requirements on the construction site. The products can be complemented by swingdoors in different variations as well as slider plates for quick and easy removal for maintenance or drive-through situations. Used as column protector, the safety barriers Delta suit also the needs when it comes to protect columns with bigger dimensions. Fixing material is always included in the delivery.