Ramp Guardrail



CRASH STOP Ramp guardrail with knee rail in galvanized version to remove, Ø60mm, width of one element 1000mm, total height 1300mm, effectivel height via mounting sleeve 1100mm, sleeves sold separately. 

Models & Dimensions

Article No.DescriptionMeasuresWeight
RSG-1000Hoop protec tion guard with with knee rail in galvanized version  1300 mm Height, 1000 mm Width14,6 kg
RSG-MHMounting sleeve for two tubes200 mm Height x 125 mm Width x 200 mm Length7,5 kg
RSG-AEHMounting sleeve for one tube 200 mm Height x 125 mm Width x 130 mm Length 3,1 kg



Press release

Accident area loading ramp

The tragic accident of a 55-year-old employee in a warehouse in Echingen a year ago shows how dangerous the work at a loading dock is. The employee had unloaded roll containers from a truck together with colleagues. During this process, the man lost his balance and fell off the ramp. The emergency doctor was only able to determine the death of the man. Unfortunately, in many companies logistics staff is exposed to these and similar threats on a daily basis.

The solution - the ramp protection railing from Dancop

In practice the implementation of this occupational health and safety requirement is difficult. The installation of permanently positioned railings makes the necessary work processes on the ramp much more difficult. A good solution to this problem is the ramp protection railing from Dancop. As concreting the ramp protection railing at the bottom of the ramp is not an option here, the company has developed a special galvanized mounting sleeves, which will be attached to the front of the ramp. So, the steel elements can be pulled out of the mounting sleeve very quickly and the way is free for the loading work.

Loading ramp protection is available from specialized dealers for work and operational safety The ramp protection railing incl. mounting sleeve can be used inside and outside and is designed as a modular system. The ramp guardrails have a field width of 1000 mm and a height of 1300 mm. So you can assemble the individual elements as needed.