Code of Conduct of Dancop International GmbH
With this directive, we are committed to our responsibility towards our business partners and our employees.

Compliance with laws
All applicable laws and regulations are strictly followed by Dancop International GmbH and our employees at all times.

Safety and health
Management and employees are concerned about a safe and healthy work environment. Strict adherence to our safety regulations and practices is indispensable for this.

Environmental Protection
Dancop International GmbH follows the principles of sustainability and environmental compatibility. The observance of all relevant environmental protection laws is a self-evident obligation of the management and of each individual employee of Dancop International GmbH.

Corporate management and employees shall not offer, promise or grant any benefits to business partners, their employees or representatives, officers, politicians or members of the above mentioned persons groups, in order to be preferred in return for invitations to tender or the award of contracts. Neither management nor employees will use their position or function in the company to demand or accept personal benefits. Within the scope of the business dealings we adhere strictly to the current legal regulations and laws.

Fair competition
Dancop International GmbH respects the rules of fair competition and supports all efforts to achieve a free market and open competition. Management and employees do not embark on illegal and / or criminal practices.

Corporate management and employees do not make any agreements with competitors, in which agreements are made on prices, competition waiver, issuance of bids on tenders or on the division of customers or territories.